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Muscle building variables

There are a few basic concepts you would like to maintain in order to build muscles over time, as long you will include all of these in your routine you will be able to build a considerable amount of muscles even in just 2-3 weekly sessions.




First and for my opinion the most important is the intensity, that translate to how many more reps could you have done when you finish a set , as much you will be closer to failure you will recruit more motor units which mean utilising more muscles fibers which lead to more growth.

For that reason aim to be at least 2-3 reps shy from failure especially in the last set of each exercise to get the most out of your routine.

Range of motion and tempo

In order to get the most out of each set you want to make sure you fully stretch the muscle under the load, it shown that the last third of the movement while stretching will benefit the most muscle gain.

Considering the speed of the rep , it is unnecessary to go too slow while stretching the muscle but you do want to control the weight in order to engage the muscle.

A tempo of 1 second while squeezing followed by 1-2 second on the stretching part is recommended.


Exercise selection

You will want to always include heavy compounds into your routine, compound movement involves a lot of different joints which mean you will be able to lift more weight in comparison to isolation exercises which will put a lot of stress on the muscles which lead to more growth.

A few examples are Bench press, Squats, Pullup , Deadlift etc.

Also, many muscles have one origin point but a few different attachment sites, therefore you will want to work on the same muscle from different angles to promote growth.

For example, the upper portion of the chest muscle will be activated when we push laying on our back in an angle of 30-45 degrees but the main portion will be activated lying flat on your back.

For that reason it will advised to include a few different working angles for each muscle.

Volume load

That will be the combination of Reps*sets you will do a week.

While beginner lifter can show great results with 10 weekly sets the number of weekly sets needed to get to the threshold seems to increase over time up to 20.

It’s important to mention that it seems that different people will have a different number of max weekly sets they can benefit from and also depends on the muscle group, for example , legs and back seems to benefit from up to 30 weekly sets with certain lifters.


Meaning how many times per week you will work on each muscle.                                                                                   While deciding on your frequency it’s important to know two facts

1. Muscles needs a recovery period of 48 hours and that after that it will start to breaking down unless it will be worked again

2. It’s known that the quality of sets (intensity) will go down throughout the session for fatigue.

For those two reasons you want to split your weekly sets over a few sessions rather than doing one muscle group a session , For example, if you can go to the gym 3 times a week you will want to do full body routines that include around 7 sets for each muscle group in order to get the required number of sets.

That way you won’t let the muscle breakdown and avoid junk volume.

Keeping in mind all these different variables while building your routine and changing the routine every 6 weeks will lead to you keep progressing at the gym constantly considering you follow the correct diet.

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