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Alcohol in relation to weight loss

Alcohol effect our body in various of negative ways.

while most people think the problem is only with the empty calories (and it is a problem) there are a few other qualities alcohol hold that will interrupt fat loss.

Now as on our days drinking is a social activity I don’t think one should completely avoid it but in the same time limiting drinking for only once a week and including the calories it contains in the daily menu is necessary in order to lose weight.

it slows down the pace you burn fat

It has been proven that alcohol effect our liver in a way that makes it slow down its normal functions such as using nutrients and focus on getting rid of the alcohol.

That will lead to the accumulation of extra fat storage which other wise would have been used.

Cause increased appetite and lower Satiety feeling

Drinking effect our receptors and judgment when it comes to food , so not only that we just consumed 600+ calories in one sitting we will also top it up with Pizza or Burgers.

As well , for the ways that alcohol interrupt with our brain , achieving the feeling of satiety is very hard and we are likely to over eat.

A good tip will be to always try to avoid the late night snack after drinking.

The effect it holds on muscle building

Alcohol effect our trainings both before and after training.

firstly , it increases the insulin level in our blood which lead to low sugar level. Physical training require normal sugar levels so our workout will be damaged.

Second , alcohol hurts our hormones level which will deny the muscle to be properly heal therefore we wont build as much muscle as we are supposed to.

I would suggest to try and plan your going out night on a day without a training for not “losing” a session.

Contain a lot of calories

Drinks contain a lot of calories , caloric intake speaking you can compare a night out to a night of sitting at home and eating candies.

Both are sugar based carb which are consumed in big amounts.

This is one problem that you can solve , If you are planning on drinking in the evening I recommend to plan how many drinks you will have and include that in your daily caloric intake.

In summery

In the end we shouldn’t sacrifice our social life in order to make progress at the gym and we don’t have to.

As long we will limit your weekly drinking days , separate drinking days from training days and drink in moderation you will be able to minimise the effect of alcohol on your progress.

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