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Weightloss Guidelines


Firstly , in order to find how many calories you should eat a day i reccomand you to check your weight and then run a food journal for 7 days and calculate how many calories did you consume in that week (you will need a food scale and the use of google ).

Once you have a number divide it by 7.


Now check your weight again

if you gained around 0.5 kg the number you have is around 500 calories over your maintenance intake

if you lost around 0.5 kg the number you have is around 500 calories under your maintenance intake

if you remained in the same weight that is your maintenance caloric intake


In order the preserve as much muscles in the process of weight loss you will need to consume around 400-500 calories less than your maintenance while keeping protein intake high (around 2.2g of protein per kg of bodyweight)


In order to go through the process successfully you want the process to be slow and controlled.

Many times i encountered clients who dropped their calories from 3,000 to 1,000 in one week , not only it’s not healthy and can damage the brain and body function it will lead to failure with the diet.


Our body is smart and thrive for balance , it wont let you keep loosing weight without hitting a plateau weeks or months into the process and then you wont have any calories to cut to keep the weight loss or when you will try to go back to your normal diet you will gain all the weight back again in the matter of weeks.


The smart way to approach it is to build a diet, by yourself or with the help of certified nutritionist , and make sure you include (all per kg of body weight)

1.6-2.2g of Protein , 1g of Fats and the rest of calories you should fill with Carbohydrates.

Now when you have your new meal plan which match your maintenance caloric intake you can gradually cut 400 calories once every two weeks from the Carbohydrates resource (around 100g of carbs).

That will lead to a loss of 0.5 kg weekly while maintaining your hard earned muscle mass.

General tips


I had few clients in the past that got stuck with their diet and while they did great during the week and kept their 400 calories daily deficit they ruined it all with an extreme cheat meal.

Now while you can enjoy some fatty foods from time to time its kinda silly to eat 2,000 calories worth of food in once sitting with a full bottle of wine , Pizza and ice cream for desert because you feel like you deserve it.

That way instead of being in a weekly deficit of 2,800 calories you will burn only 800 and that will make you to lose motivation very fast.

Make smart choices

I have two more things that i avoid that came very useful in order to loose weight.

First I don’t drink my calories , sodas and other sweet drinks normally contain many calories and they wont make you feel full , I also keep this rule for nights out and usually mix my drinks with sparkling water. That way instead of having a drink that contain 200 calories it will only contain 100 and that is much easier to include in my diet from time to time.

Second while eating out i stick to the dish of protein and salads.

Restaurants don’t care about making the food lean , they care about you coming back and that why they normally cook with fat instead of olive oil and sometimes even add sugars to make the food taste better . Dish at a restaurant will normally contain 1.5 times the amount of calories compared to the home-cooked one.

Boost you caloric daily burn

While we all know that if you go on a treadmill or hit the gym for an hour you will burn calories that will add to your deficit , not a lot of people pay enough attention to non – exercise calories burn.

That will be taking a walk in the evening , choosing the stairs over the elevator , parking the car a bit further etc. All of these small habit can accumulate to make a big difference in the long run.



if you go through the process for weeks or months you will want to allow yourself some treats or drinks with your friends, and that is definitely okay.

All you need to do is make sure that you substitute something from your diet to make space for something that isn’t on it.

For example 0.5L of beer is 185 calories , you can have it in return of 50g of Pasta from your menu.

That way you can still keep a normal life routine and not feeling like you are being punished.

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